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初中 英语

Children get much k from books.

movie   sleep   kind   make   wash

  1. (1) You can see different of animals in the zoo.
  2. (2) He often late on Sundays.
  3. (3) She wants to go to thethis evening.
  4. (4) He often helps his motherthe dishes.
  5. (5) She's zongzi for her parents.
The plane (fly) through the clouds and landed safely at the airport.
He hopes (travel)to Australia.
— Would you like some green tea?

—________ I'm too thirsty.

A . No, thanks. B . Sorry. C . Yes, please. D . No, just a little.
I'm going to (参观) the Great Wall next week.

pronounce   help   remain   polite   drive

  1. (1) The book is very , so I'd like to buy one for my son.
  2. (2) Nothing the same for long. We either keep moving forward or we get left behind.
  3. (3) If you want to get there quickly, you should avoid in the center of the city.
  4. (4) I'm afraid of speaking English because my is poor.
  5. (5) Although the customer is rude(粗鲁的), you should speak to him .
There ________ still some apple juice in the fridge. It's not necessary for us to go to the supermarket now.
A . was B . were C . is
He said that he        to the airport by her.
A . would be picked B . would be picked up     C . would pick up D . was picked up
We can do _________to help her_________ wait.
A . something; but B . everything; but C . nothing; but D . nothing; so
      do you usually go to school, Mary?

—______7:00 a.m.

A . When, In B . How, At C . What time, In D . What time, At

    Last year, I did not like my English class. Every class was like a bad dream. The teacher 1 so quickly that I did not understand her most of the time. I was 2 to ask questions because of my poor pronunciation. I just 3 behind my textbook and never said anything.

    Then one day I watched an English movie 4 Toy Story. I fell in love with this exciting and funny movie. So I began to watch 5 English movies, too. 6 I could not understand everything the characters said, their body language and the7 on their faces helped me to get the meaning. I also realized I could get the meaning by listening 8 just the key words.  My pronunciation 9 as well by listening to the conversations in English movies. I discovered that listening to something interesting is the 10 to language learning. I also learned useful sentences

    11 "It's a piece of cake" or "It serves you right." I did not understand these sentences at 12.  But because I wanted to understand the story, I looked them 13 in a dictionary.

Now I really enjoy my English 14. I want to learn new words and more grammar so that I can have a 15 understanding of English movies.

A . speaks B . speaked C . speaking D . spoke
A . happy B . afraid C . excited D . interested
A . hide B . hids C . hid D . hidden
A . calling B . calls C . called D . call
A . another B . other C . the other D . others
A . Although B . But C . However D . When
A . express B . expressing C . expressions D . expresses
A . at B . for C . after D . to
A . developed B . succeeded C . achieved D . improved
A . way B . skill C . secret D . importance
A . like B . for example C . such D . as
A . last B . least C . first D . once
A . down B . up C . at D . after
A . movies B . class C . teacher D . sentences
A . good B . well C . better D . best

A. Don't worry.

B. I am going to look at the board.

C. What is the topic?

D. Is there anything new?

E. Would you like to take part in it?

F. What do you want to do?

A: Hi, Betty. What are you going to do?

B: Hi, Lingling!

A: Oh. I have just come from there.


A: Yes. There will be an English speaking competition next Friday.


A: Life in the future.

B: That's a good topic.

A: Yes, I'd like to. I think I can practice my spoken English. What about you?

B: Oh, you know, I am shy. I am afraid I can't speak in public.

A:  If you keep on practicing, you will be successful.

B: I will think about it. Thank you very much.

Kites ________ message sin the war in the past.
A . were used for sending B . were used to sending C . are used for sending D . are used to sending

    It's over a year since Kitty came to China. She is now living in Shanghai and has worked in a car factory for six 1. The factory is in the north of the city and her flat is in the south. But she is 2 late for work. Kitty is popular in the 3. She is 4 to everybody and gets on well with the Chinese engineers and workers. 5 work,they visit each other and talk about almost everything. Kitty has a good time in the factory, 6 she has decided(决定) to leave the factory. She is going to find a job in a travel agency(旅行社) . “If I work in a travel agency, I'll be able to meet more people. I can learn more about China,” she tells her friends.

A . years B . months C . minutes D . seconds
A . never B . sometimes C . usually D . often
A . school B . factory C . hospital D . shop
A . angry B . naughty C . kind D . unhealthy
A . Before B . To C . At D . After
A . so B . but C . because D . if
Jim sat ______________ to his mother with his eyes half _________________.
A . closed; open B . close; opened C . close; closed D . closed; closed

    I was living in a house with a long history in Halifax, Nova Scotia five years ago. One day one of my friends from the West Coast came out to visit me. He was1for 3 weeks so he brought a lot of bags and suitcases, and other things like a2. I told him he could sleep on the bed in the front living room.

      One morning after a late night of drinking, my friend ran into my room shouting" Fire, Fire". Without3, I jumped out of bed. The floor was4against my feet as I ran into the hallway, right behind my friend. I couldn't see the fire anywhere, 5as we ran towards the front door, I could hear the6making a loud noise all around me. It was inside the7. We ran out into the front yard and looked8at the house, seeing black smoke coming out of the9house.

      We were standing there watching the house when I looked down and10all of my friend's bags and suitcases11lined up on the front grassland, including his basketball. 12he noticed the house was on fire, he took all of them out to the grassland before coming back to13me about it. That fire had started in the basement(地下室), and it spread up into the walls and was burning the14we were standing on. The floor and much of the house fell down not long after we came out. The firemen said we were very15.

Of course,we are not friends anymore.

A . working B . staying C . waiting D . resting
A . baseball B . volleyball C . football D . basketball
A . thinking B . sleeping C . looking D . drinking
A . wet B . soft C . hot D . dirty
A . so B . and C . or D . but
A . fire B . door C . wind D . yard
A . rooms B . walls C . kitchen D . yard
A . up B . down C . back D . forward
A . old B . big C . red D . stone
A . remembered B . made C . expected D . noticed
A . tidily B . suddenly C . differently D . naturally
A . Unless B . If C . When D . Before
A . warn B . show C . ask D . phone
A . sofa B . bed C . table D . floor
A . brave B . lucky C . nervous D . seared
There is a cartoon (call) "Computer War".

Do you often wake up with a tired or weak(虚弱的) feeling(感觉)? If so, listen to Dr. Talbot and he has good ways to help you feel good.

Start exercising. If you hate feeling tired and unhappy, you should start exercising. Try running, swimming or cycling. When you exercise, your body helps to give you energy and make you feel happy. If you think exercising is not easy, listen to your favourite music and dance to it. That's exercise, too.

Keep a healthy diet. You should eat three meals every day and say goodbye to too much fast food. lf you need some more energy the whole day, make an energy drink. Mix(混合) fresh fruit juice and low-fat(低脂肪的) milk together. It tastes great.

Enjoy outside world. Get out close to the open air. The smell(味道)of flowers will make you feel happy. Even the smell of your favourite food can change your feelings! The green trees are good for your eyes.

Take a shower. When you have a shower, change the water from hot to cold and back to hot again. You'll feel it's different.

Laugh(大笑).You should laugh for three minutes every time, three times a day. It will make, you feel great!


some people feel or weak after waking up

to help you feel good


Try running, or cycling. They help give you energy.

If you find exercising , dancing to your favourite music is also a kind of exercise.

Keep a healthy diet

Have three meals a day. eat too much fast food.

Having an energy drink will you energy for the whole day.

outside world

Go out to enjoy the flowers, nice air and green trees.

Take a shower

Changing the temperature(温度) of shower can make you feel it's.


You should laugh for minutes a day.

We are going to get there on time. The underlined part means       .
A . arrive in B . reach C . be to D . been to