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Once you are addicted to (smoke), you may find it difficult for you to quit.
We saw lights in the d(远处).
European ________ with Nigeria dated back to the 15th century, when Portuguese merchants ________ the ancient city of Benin.
A . exchange; called for B . contact; called at C . convey; called off D . communication; called on

21-year-old Jasmine Harrison completed the 2020 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes — a new world record for the youngest female to row alone across the Atlantic.

Harrison, who's from North Yorkshire, England, didn't have loads of experience in rowing long distance. In her childhood, she could not even dream of such an ambition. She'd only gotten the idea three years earlier when she happened to be in Antigua, teaching swimming, and saw the end of the 2017 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. "Talking to a family member of a young man that had just completed it, I got to know just how amazing a thing it was. I didn't say ‘not a chance I would do that', but it was more a fact of why not do it?" she said.

Every day, Harrison would row for about 12 hours, pushing her 550-pound boat she bought with some money across the ocean, covering roughly 90 kilometers. The journey left her with much time all by herself, which she said she enjoyed. But things got a little harder after her speaker fell in the water and she could no longer listen to her music.

She had other company along the way. She saw lots of sea life, including several whales. One even rose out of the ocean right next to her boat. "I'm in their environment," she said. "It's just amazing."

Twice, her boat was turned over in the night by large waves. The second time, she hurt her arm quite badly. Another time, she nearly ran into a ship. When her food ran out, she lived on cookies and chocolate. In the face of great hardship and loneliness, she kept going.

On February 20, 2021, she reached the island of Antigua—the end of the journey. She celebrated her arrival with a burger and fries.

  1. (1) What made Harrison participate in the 2020 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge?
    A . Her swimming teaching experience. B . Her experience of watching a race. C . Her childhood hobby and dream. D . Her family members' encouragement.
  2. (2) Which of the following best describes Harrison's ocean trip?
    A . Adventurous. B . Pleasant. C . Expensive. D . Boring.
  3. (3) When did Harrison begin rowing across the Atlantic Ocean alone?
    A . In November. B . In January. C . In December. D . In February.
  4. (4) What can we learn from Harrison's story?
    A . Difficulties strengthen the mind. B . The early bird catches the worm. C . Behind bad luck comes good luck. D . No way is impossible to courage.

It is required that the students school uniforms at school.


Eric was working in a selling business. He had been on the road visiting people for more than a month without going home. He couldn't wait to get back to see his wife and children. It was coming up on Mother's Day, and he usually tried to make it “back home”, but this year he was just too busy and too tired. The day when he was driving in a small town, he saw a flower shop. He said to himself, “I know what I will do, I'll send my mother some roses.”

He stopped and went into the flower shop and saw a young man talking to the girl in it “How many roses can I get for fifty dollars,Ms.?” the boy asked. The girl was trying to explain that roses were expensive. Maybe the young man would be happy with something else.

“No. I have to have roses,” he said, “my mom was badly sick last year and I didn't get to spend much time with her. I want to get something special. It has to be red roses, because that is her favourite.” He was stubborn.

The girl in the shop looked up at Eric and was just shaking her head. Something inside of Eric was touched by the boy's voice. He wanted to get those roses so badly. Eric had been blessed(幸运的)in his business, and he looked at the girl and silently said that he would pay for the boy's roses.

The girl looked at the young man and said, “OK, I will give you a dozen red roses for your dollars.” The young man almost jumped into the air. He took the flowers and ran down the store. It was worth more than fifty dollars just to see that kind of excitement.

Eric ordered his own flowers and asked the girl to have it delivered to his mother. After that, with a relief he drove down the road. Not long after his driving, he saw the boy walking to a graveyard(墓地).

Paragraph 1

Eric stopped his car and followed the young man.

Paragraph 2

Eric went into the car in tears.


    Several years ago, Masaru Ibuka, chairman of Sony, was at a company planning a meeting. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea. He stopped the meeting and asked everyone present what would happen if Sony removed the recording function and speaker and sold headphones with a tape player instead. Almost everyone thought he was crazy. Still, Ibuka kept thinking about his idea and worked at improving it. The result, of course, turned out to be the wildly successful Sony Walkman.

    Good ideas often start with a seemingly silly question. Bill Bowerman was making breakfast one day. As he stood there making waffles (华夫饼干)for his son, he wondered what would happen if he poured rubber into his waffle iron. Later, he tried it and the result looked something like the bottom of most sports shoes we see today. Still, when he took this idea to several existing shoe companies, he was laughed at. In fact, every single company turned him down. Though rather discouraged, Bowerman insisted and went on to form his own company, making NIKE athletic shoes.

    Sometimes good ideas grow out of frustration .When Fred Smith was a student at Yale University, he had some paperwork that he needed to have delivered across the country the next day. Smith was amazed to find out that overnight delivery was impossible. He sat for a long while, lost in thought. Why couldn't there be a reliable overnight mail delivery service? He decided to design one. Smith did just that and turned his design into a class project.  His business professor gave him only a C for his efforts. However, Smith was not through. He improved the idea in that class project and finally turned it into one of the first and most successful overnight mail service in the world — FedEx.

    We know that each of these ideas led to a very successful product or service that has changed the way many of us live. The best questions are usually open-ended and are often silly, Children aren't afraid to ask such questions, but adults frequently are. Think how different the world might be if people never asked "silly" questions!

  1. (1) Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A . Sony Walkman achieved great success with its recording function and speaker. B . Bill Bowerman was experimenting with rubber for large shoe companies. C . Shoe companies rejected Bill Bowerman as they failed to see the potential of Nike. D . Fred Smith got the idea of an overnight mail service from his own experience.
  2. (2) What do the three persons mentioned in the passage have in common?
    A . They were all determined about carrying out their ideas. B . They were good at answering other people's silly questions. C . They started their own company after discussing with others. D . They had a very clear plan for their new ideas at the very start.
  3. (3) We can conclude from the passage that _______.
    A . asking others for their silly questions leads to inventions B . lots of creative ideas usually end up as “silly” questions C . adults usually ask more silly questions than children D . crazy ideas sometimes contribute to great inventions
  4. (4) The passage is mainly developed by_______.
    A . analyzing possible reasons B . presenting different opinions C . providing typical examples D . listing practical suggestion

    Now many young people are traveling around the world on their own, not because they have no one to travel with, but because they prefer to go alone.

    Kristina Wegscheider from California first traveled alone when she was at college and believes that it is something everyone should do at least once in their life, “It opens up your mind to new things and pushes you out of your comfort zone.” Wegscheider has visited 46 countries covering all seven continents.

    In foreign countries, with no one to help you read a map, look after you if you get ill, or lend you money if your wallet is stolen, it is challenging. This is what drives young people to travel alone. It is seen as character building and a chance to prove that they can make it on their own.

    Chris Richardson decided to leave his sales job in Australia to go traveling last year. He set up a website, The Aussie Nomad, to document his adventures. He says he wished he had traveled alone earlier. “The people you meet, the places you visit, or the things you do, everything is up to you and it forces you to grow as a person,” said the 30-year-old man.

    Richardson describes traveling alone like “a shot in the arm”, which “makes you a more confident person that is ready to deal with anything”. He said, “The feeling of having overcome something on my own is a major part of what drives me each day when I'm dealing with a difficult task. I walk around with my head up because I know deep down inside that nothing is impossible if you try.”

    The great 19th century explorer John Muir once said, “Only by going alone in silence can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness.”

  1. (1) Which of the following will Kristina Wegscheider agree with?
    A . Traveling alone is a necessary experience for everyone. B . It is more meaningful to travel in foreign countries. C . It is comfortable to travel around without a friend. D . Traveling abroad helps people to find new things.
  2. (2) Traveling alone is challenging because ________.
    A . you have to make things on your own B . it is hard for you to prove yourself to others C . you can only depend on yourself whatever happens D . it will finally build your character
  3. (3) What can we infer about Chris Richardson?
    A . He started traveling alone at an early age. B . He was once shot in the arm. C . He used to work as a salesman. D . His website inspires others a lot.
  4. (4) What is the best title for the passage?
    A . Travel Abroad B . Travel Alone C . Travel Light D . Travel Wide and Far
The note was to (提醒) her about something she had to explain to one of her students.

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia's "Lost City" is older than Machu Picchu. There are no trains or buses allowing of 1 travels to reach its ruins. The remote place is only 2 on foot: a tiring multi-day hike.

Despite this, I couldn't 3 the opportunity to visit Ciudad Perdida. 12 other hikers and I went there in 4 with a licensed guide. The dirt path, which 5 through towering palms and dangling vines (藤蔓), proved 6 right from the start. Along the way we also met the 7. They have been left undisturbed for centuries and there's a deep 8 between them and the land.

The next morning, we were off early to 9 the heat, but high temperatures and muscle pain had already 10 by the time we reached the final stage-1,200 stone steps to 11. After finally lifting my painful body up the long flight of stairs, my eyes rested on the scene that had 12 the backbreaking journey: Ciudad Perdida.

I looked down and wondered at the beautiful site below. While the return trip included 13 the mental hurdle (障碍) of having already accomplished our goal, the experience is the one I would do 14. It is the difficulty that makes the journey a more 15 one. Earned views are always better.

A . long B . endless C . frequent D . easy
A . impressive B . accessible C . worthwhile D . dangerous
A . resist B . obtain C . promote D . grasp
A . company B . combination C . harmony D . communication
A . buried B . spread C . spun D . wound
A . disappointing B . embarrassing C . challenging D . amazing
A . natives B . visitors C . guides D . drivers
A . similarity B . distinction C . bond D . belief
A . reduce B . beat C . test D . abandon
A . watched out B . cut off C . set in D . gave in
A . construct B . pick C . cover D . explore
A . convinced B . predicted C . motivated D . simplified
A . overcoming B . memorizing C . observing D . fixing
A . otherwise B . again C . though D . instead
A . rewarding B . sensitive C . popular D . flexible
I know that it is because I don't spend time in (memory) what I have learnt in class in my spare time. (单词的适当形式填空)
Where are the speakers?
A . In a hotel. B . At the airport. C . In a bag shop.
阅读下面短文, 在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

After orbiting Earth for six months, the three crew members of China's Shenzhou XIII mission returned to the mother planet on April 16, 2022, finishing the nation's (long) manned spaceflight.

Major General Zhai Zhigang, was the mission commander, Senior Colonel Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu breathed fresh air for the first time after the half-year space journey. Medical service workers the site told China Central Television that the astronauts are in good condition.

Zhai and his crewmates spent 183 days in an orbit about 400 kilometers above the Earth since their Shenzhou XIII spacecraft (launch) on Oct 16 by a Long March 2F carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. They were the second inhabitants (居民) of China's permanent space station (name) Tiangong. Carrying the (gradual) mission crew, the Shenzhou XII spacecraft circled the Earth several times to approach the mother planet.

The crew has set new record for China's spaceflight, almost (double) the previous record of 92 days created by their colleagues in the Shenzhou XII mission who travelled with Tiangong from mid-June to mid-September last year. Additionally, Shenzhou 13 set some other national

(mark) as well. For example, Wang Yaping became the first woman to live aboard Tianhe and the first Chinese woman ever (conduct) a spacewalk.

John deserves enormous ________ for the way his team performed, not only yesterday but throughout his first year in charge.
A . comment B . consideration C . credit D . cooperation
假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文, 请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处错误, 每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。

增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧), 并在其下面写出该加的词。


修改:在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。



    It is clearly shown that many middle school students have physical and mentally problems. 68% of the students surveying have studying anxiety as well as poor eyesight too. And a larger percentage lacks sleep. 52% are short of physical exercise. 42% of the students won't obey our parents or teachers. Personally, I think we student should balance physical exercise and studies. Without good health, one can't achieve anything. However, too much attention has been paid only on studies. As a result, I suggest we are given less homework, but more time will be left for afterschool activities. Only in this way can we live energetic and healthy life.

  1. (1) Who cleaned the car at the man's house?
    A . The man himself. B . His sister. C . His father.
  2. (2) What did the man think of his jobs?
    A . Boring. B . Stressful. C . Enjoyable.
  3. (3) What did the woman use to do in her family?
    A . Clean her room. B . Take out the rubbish. C . Do the cooking.

    There is a small but growing movement in America of households that want to reduce waste to zero. Zero Wasters, as they are called, help each other by sharing advice on blogs and social media. A number of people also have written books on the movement.

    Bea Johnson is author of Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life. She said, “It may be too extreme for some people, but even if you can cut your trash down by even 20 percent, you'll gain 80 percent of the benefits, like saving time and money for experiences instead of shopping for something unnecessary. ”

    Johnson said that reducing shopping means her family has more money for fun vacations. She said her family buys recycled things also. All their clothing, for example, comes from used clothing stores. She said that has reduced her household spending by 40 percent.

    Zero Wasters like to talk about five “R's": Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. The first “R" stands for refuse. They refuse containers and plastic straws at restaurants. To this end, they either ask to use their own containers or request that things like food be wrapped(包装)in paper. Zero Wasters also seek to reduce the number of things they buy. They reuse household goods and recycle recyclable materials. They also try to compost (堆 肥),or rot, food material that can be used to enrich soil.

    Amy Korst is another most popular writer in the zero waste movement. She wrote the book Zero Waste Lifestyle: Live Well by Throwing Away Less. She noted that once food is buried under plastics, it no longer composts as it normally would. She said that is why it is so important to cut down on using things made out of plastic and separate things that can be broken down from other trash. She recommended residents(居民)to get in touch with the local sanitation(卫生)department in understanding how to recycle.

  1. (1) How do Johnson's family benefit from reducing shopping?
    A . They can recycle a large amount of trash. B . They can have more time to write books. C . They can save money to go on a journey. D . They can spend extra money on necessities.
  2. (2) What do Zero Wasters tend to do?
    A . Compost plastic straws and food. B . Avoid purchasing too many things. C . Refuse to make use of any container. D . Recycle things wrapped in paper.
  3. (3) What does Amy Korst advise residents to do?
    A . Choose to bury anything broken under plastic. B . Make sense of the approaches to doing recycling. C . Go to the local sanitation department regularly. D . Be careful to separate plastic from other trash.
  4. (4) What can be the best title for the text?
    A . The Zero Waste Movement in America B . Why People Should Cut Down Waste C . How People Share Their Ideas on Recycling D . The Achievements Zero Wasters Make in America

    Some people were eating and drinking in a coffee house. A young woman was sitting alone at a table. She was wearing a beautiful diamond necklace. There was an ugly man at a table not far from her. He was looking at her necklace all the time.

    Suddenly the lights went out. The coffee house was in darkness. The woman started to shout. She was very frightened. A few minutes later the lights came on again. The woman was crying. Her necklace was missing.

    The manager quickly closed all the doors. He telephoned the police. No one could get out of the coffee house. The policemen soon came. The police inspector told his men to search everyone. The necklace was not on anyone. They then searched the whole coffee house. The necklace couldn't be found.

The police inspector then looked at the faces of all the people in the coffee house. He saw the ugly man and looked at the man carefully. He went up to the man and picked up the bowl of soup that was on his table. He then poured the soup into a glass. The necklace fell out. The policemen caught hold of the man and took him away. The young woman was happy to get back her necklace.

  1. (1) A young woman lost her necklace in _____.
    A . a coffee house B . a shop C . a hospital D . a restaurant
  2. (2) The manager closed all the doors and _____.
    A . searched everyone in the coffee house B . searched the whole coffee house C . looked at all the people in the coffee house D . telephoned the police
  3. (3) The police inspector found the necklace in _____.
    A . a bowl of soup B . a bowl of rice C . a glass of milk D . a cup of coffee
  4. (4) The necklace was stolen by _____.
    A . a beautiful girl B . an old woman C . a young student D . an ugly man
It's strange that he by such a little boy.(fool)


—Has the Wuhan­Guangzhou high­speed railway been put into use?

—Yes. The last train for Guangzhou________at seven fifteen in the evening.

A . has left B . leaves C . was left D . will leave