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    Mr. Glen is a millionaire. Five years ago, after returning from abroad to his motherland, he 1 his small company. Speaking of success, Glen often tells us a story about his extra expensive “school” fee. He always 2 his success to it.

    At that time, Glen, who already got a Ph.D. degree, 3 to return to the homeland, starting a company. Before leaving, he bought a Rolex watch with the 4 made through years of work after school and the scholarships. At the airport he had to accept the 5 customs check. The watch on his wrist was also demanded to be taken down for 6. Glen knew that carrying the specific goods out had to pay the tax, and he worried about paying 7 for his watch. So when he was checked, he told a lie that his watch was a 8 fake(假货). When he was 9 of his “smarts”, immediately, in the presence of Glen, the officers hit the watch, 10cost nearly 100,000, into pieces 11 hearing Glen's words. Glen was 12 . Before he understood why, he was taken to the office to be examined 13 . For many times of entry-exit 14  he knew that only those people in the “blacklist” would “enjoy” this special treatment. The officers looked over everything carefully in the box, and 15 him no matter what time of entry and exit he must accept the check and if 16 reusing and carrying fakes, he would be 17 according to law! Suddenly, his face turned red, and he had nothing in mind after boarding the plane for long.

    After returning to the homeland, he often told the story to his family, and his employees, too. He said that this made a deep 18on him, because the additional high “school” fee that he had ever paid made him realize the value of 19, which he would remember as the 20 of his success forever.

A . set up B . took up C . went up D . picked up
A . honors B . mentions C . brings D . owes
A . decided B . refused C . objected D . asked
A . books B . things C . savings D . pounds
A . ordinary B . routine C . regular D . common
A . look B . inspection C . test D . experiment
A . one B . it C . them D . these
A . priceless B . useful C . worthless D . valuable
A . afraid B . proud C . ashamed D . hard
A . that B . what C . as D . which
A . on B . at C . who D . in
A . disappointed B . delighted C . amazed D . satisfied
A . strictly B . quietly C . quickly D . curiously
A . conditions B . experiences C . experiments D . chances
A . stopped B . hoped C . warned D . urged
A . came out B . found out C . sent out D . set out
A . hit B . blamed C . praised D . charged
A . expression B . idea C . thought D . impression
A . honesty B . lies C . goods D . bravery
A . secret B . lesson C . choice D . belief





2). 购票难;

3). 服务质量下降

1). 消费需求得到满足;

2). 促进旅游业和经济发展

? ……

注意:1.词数:150词;2.参考词汇:黄金周the Golden Week(或以the GW代替)

______ made us much disappointed.

A . Her not coming back B . Her not to come back C . She not coming back D . She not to come back
— What should I do with this passage?

— _______ the main idea of each paragraph.

A . Finding out B . Found out C . To find out D . Find out
All things ___, her paper is of greater value than yours.

A . considering B . are considered C . considered D . have been considered


I don't think the necklace made of diamond is _______.

A . worthy to buy B . worthy of being bought C . worth being bought D . worthy of buying
—Wang Baoqiang's d from his wife quickly became a hot topic in China.

—Absolutely. Chinese netizens seem to have united around Wang, with topics like Baobao Don't Cry, Wang We Support You...

  1. (1) 苏轼的《赤壁赋》中“”两句描写了曹孟德在赤壁之战前豪气勃发,于是高声吟咏出“月明星稀,乌鹊南飞”的诗句。
  2. (2) 《离骚》中“”两句对古代服饰的“上衣下裳制”有所反映。
  3. (3) 王安石的《登飞来峰》中,“”两句诗表现出一个政治改革家高瞻远瞩的思想境界和豪迈气概。
—The Chinese National Football Team failed again. I didn't see any cooperation between them.

—Whether in the workplace or on the football field, only effective t can produce amazing results.


    William Campbell, Satoshi Omura and Tu Youyou jointly won the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine their work against parasitic diseases (寄生虫病). 85-year-old Tu was awarded this prize for her contribution to (reduce) the death rate of malaria (疟疾), minimizing patients' suffering and promoting mankind's health. This is science is all about.

    As a matter of fact, Tu has won some attention when she (get) the Lasker Award in 2011. But there is no way to compare her popularity back to the attention she is receiving today. As the first Chinese mainland Nobel Prize Winner of natural science award, Tu's winning (complete) surprised Chinese people, have long been wondering when the first Chinese Nobel Laureate in natural science would appear.

    Tu Youyou is the first Chinese scientist to win a Nobel Prize for work (carry) out within China. She has spent 40 years' time on scientific research. Although the Nobel Prize did not come to her until four decades later, it is definitely one of most privilege rewards that recognizes Tu's devotion and perseverance in discovering artemisinin (青蒿素). Her record-breaking winning   (be) a reminder that science is never about instant success. There is no way to measure how much you spend on scientific research and compare with how much reward you get.

The discovery of the new drug is of great significance to people _______ from heart problems.

A . suffered B . suffering C . suffer D . being suffering
I'm not sure how much scholarship you will receive, but it will roughly __________your major expenses.

A . cover B . afford C . pay D . charge


  1. (1) 根据这幅漫画拟写一则宣传语,不超过16个字。
  2. (2) 简要分析这幅漫画的创意。
The soup is perfect, and the steak is marvelous. I'd like to have such a meal again even if it costs _________.

A . twice as much B . much as twice C . as twice much D . as much twice



























  1. (1) 根据材料一,下列说法不正确的一项是(  )
    A . 李子柒的作品在海外异常火爆,但在国内却受到冷落,不断遭到众多网友的质疑。 B . 国内网友质疑李子柒的原因是认为其作品展示了中国落后的一面,而且不够真实。 C . 作者认为李子柒作品是否是文化输出并不重要,重要的是对文化输出的深层思考。 D . 文章采用了驳立结合的论证结构,先反驳网友的观点,然后正面阐述自己的看法。
  2. (2) 根据材料二和材料三,下列说法正确的一项是(  )
    A . 材料二认为李子柒只是一个普通的农村创业者,她的作品虽然让中华优秀传统文化落地不同文化语境,但算不上真正的文化输出。 B . 《功夫熊猫》的例子证明,中国有非常丰富的文化资源,只要充分开发和利用,便可以为世界各国文化的交融贡献中国智慧。 C . 安东尼奥尼拍摄的《中国》最初并不受欢迎,但是因为它的真实性,最终获得了广泛认同,这种经历与李子柒的作品很相似。 D . 材料三认为,李子柒的成功会激励更多的人主动承担文化输出的责任,真实记录日常生活,以小而美的中国故事让世界了解中国。
  3. (3) 综观三则材料,李子柒的故事对中国文化输出有怎样的启示?
  1. (1) ,言之必可行也。,无所苟而已矣。(《论语》)
  2. (2) 且臣少仕伪朝,;本图宦达,。(李密《陈情表》)
  3. (3) 宁赴湘流,葬于江鱼之腹中。?(《楚辞•渔父》)
  4. (4) 总角之宴,,不思其反。(《诗经•氓》)
  5. (5) 红藕香残玉簟秋。。(李清照《一剪梅》)







    A new set of brain images shows why : Reading the Roman alphabets and Chinese characters uses different parts of the brain.
    The results also suggest that Chinese schoolchildren have reading problems in a different part of the brain used in reading alphabet-based languages. This shows that the learning disorder dyslexia ( inability to read properly) is not the same in very culture and does not have a universal biological cause.
    Scientists described the results as “very important and revolutionary”. While dyslexia has certain common roots, they said, they now have some proof that this kind of functional problem works differently according to the different demands that Western and Eastern languages place on the brain.
    Dyslexia is a common developmental disorder in which people of normal intelligence have difficulty learning to read, spell and master other language skills.
    The results suggest that treating dyslexia around the world probably will require different treatments.
    “Reading is complex,” said Guinevere Eden, Georgetown University professor. “ This shows we need to be more open-minded about diverse treatment approaches.”
    Its origins are complex. There appears to be a genetic aspect to the illness. It also may result from brain injury before birth that changes visual and hearing pathways in the brain.
    Earlier brain scans show that English-reading dyslexics don't function properly in a left part of the brain associated with the awareness of 44 sounds from the English alphabet. However, according to the new study, reading Chinese uses some different parts of the brain located in the left-front of the brain. It is associated with symbol interpretation. Unlike alphabet letters, Chinese characters represent entire thoughts and physical objects.
DefinitionA learning in which people of  average IQ find it to learn to read and acquire other language skills
OriginsGenetic causes or brain before birth, which affects and hearing abilities
Finding of the earlier study reading dyslexics don't function properly in a left part of the brain
Discovery of the new studyReading Chinese uses the part of the brain
ConclusionReading Roman alphabets and reading Chinese characters place different on the brain. Dyslexia is not the same in every and does not have the same roots.
Dyslexia needs to be treated in different ways